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  • Orla swell pedal

    So the swell pedal on my Orla Traditional is not that swell. It works in so much as the volume increases. Sadly what it does it distorts things a bit. Is this down to dirt in the mechanism and is this something that can be easily taken apart and cleaned? The Traditional works with a Tyros and when the swell pedal is unplugged from the Tyros the distortion goes but for some reason the neighbours get hacked off.

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    I had an Orla RX620 1995 The pedal was controlled by black light controlled by a Potentiometer which gets corroded with use mine played up after 20 odd years I thought it was just the volume control which also crackled and replaced but the screw on the pot was given a few turns back and forth and cleared the fault but this was done by an organ technician. Whether yours is the same I would not know but mentioned in case it might hrlp. Aparrently sometimes need to be dismantled and cleaned.