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Kawai x-430 - Problems!!!

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    Kawai x-430 - Problems!!!

    Hi all

    I just picked up this organ up for free via facebook, the organ however does not work. I get a power LED that tells me the organ is receiving power, yet I get no other lights at all anywhere, I get no sounds or functionality at all (outside of the power light being on, its like its getting no power at all). I get a slight click about a second after I power it on, and then nothing?

    Any advice in getting this thing to run?

    Without knowing your level of competence this advice is given with caution. Switch the organ off and pull the plug from the wall. With the back off the organ try and locate the power supply. You may be lucky and spot a blown fuse. Check connections to the power supply and confirm nothing has come lose. Look around for signs of burning or white powdery discharge from the capacitors. Remember the organ takes power from the wall at either 230 or 110V depends on which side of the pond you are. A failed capacitor would cause an overcurrent in the power supply and blow fuses. The control voltages in the organ are more likely at about 24Vdc. This would appear to be the lump of kit that has failed. Think again a fuse blows for a reason and that reason is to prevent excess currents and potential fires. Only power up when fingers are well out of harms way and the back has been secured. You may be lucky.


      The X430 powers up to 'zero state' with nothing selected or lit up other than one of the rhythm buttons and the tempo indicator. If neither of these are lit up, then you have a power supply issue as described above. If they are lit up, then the problem could lie with the tone generator electronics and that could well be terminal as there are no spares. Always hard to diagnose at a distance.
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