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Roland AT45 with fault

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    Roland AT45 with fault

    Have a Roland AT45 and the notes on the bottom keyboard do not switch off when you play. They will resound if struck again but not cut off when released or another note is depressed (as they do when memory is used). It is a problem I have not come across before and my engineer spent an afternoon here to no avail. Have tried Roland UK who used to be really helpful and a great company but they haven't replied. Any ideas would be greatly received.

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        Not sure who your engineer is but I'll assume that he did all the usual things like unplugging and reseating all the ribbon connectors, cleaning anything that was tarnished, checking power supply connectors etc. And then checking the power supply voltages etc.

        That probably brings it down to keying, and I have no idea where that's done on an AT45. Motherboard, or separate keying boards? Worst case scenario is a motherboard replacement, if available, I suppose.

        You know the same people at Roland UK that I do, so I can't help any further in that respect. Historically, they have been very helpful, as you say. I wonder if it's worth contacting the guys at Breve Music, in case their service guy has come across anything like this.

        I've not encountered anything like it on a Roland. I had one of the first Lowrey MX-2s to come across back in 1989 and that did something similar - turned out to be a screw holding in a circuit board that was too long and had gone through a ribbon cable. As you played, vibrations would make it short or break contact. We all know what can happen when digital data doesn't get to where it should! Brings me back to thinking about ribbon cables again....

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          Is the problem across the entire keyboard?
          Did the engineer run the built in tests?
          Did this problem recently start?
          Did you do a factory reset?
          Are there any MIDI devices connected?
          Any signs of contamination on the keyboard circuitry?
          Any signs of rodent presence?