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Potential Kimball K800

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  • Potential Kimball K800

    So while browsing online, I found a Kimball K800. Everything is here, the pedals, bench, music rest, all that. BUT the listing says "nonfunctioning". I've messaged the seller to see if only a certain part isn't working or if the entire organ is non-functioning. Once he gets back to me, I'll make an update post. It also says that they'll ship it for 200, but I don't think I trust that.

    Now, the biggest factor in this. It's around 4 hours away. That's an 8-hour trip just to see the thing. (And we don't know if it works or not.) That being said, I've seen the posts on here about the K800, and it's many boards inside. I'm not very experienced with electronics, but I believe there's a post on safety while working on these machines somewhere on here. If the entire organ doesn't work, it may only be the power supply, where the rest of the organ still works. The power supply may be fine and the rest of it doesn't work.

    If it turns out to be a false listing, and the organ does work entirely (which I'm not counting on.) That'll be great! It would probably be cheaper to drive it back to my house by myself, but shipping would be way easier. Any idea on how much it would cost to ship a giant organ like this? It's not overseas or anything, just a state away, and 4 hours between here and there.

    Another thing is, it's being sold for 19 dollars and claims to be from a church. I know people have gotten large organs for free sometimes so I'm not too skeptical, but what is the chance that this is a scam? Would hate to drive that far for something that doesn't work.

    On an unrelated note, I've seen images of other K800s, and this one has a different music rest. Looks more like the one used on the Paradise models. Maybe a replacement?

    I have the stop list, from Suhndog's post about his K800 (loved reading that btw!) and it seems like almost everything in this can be fixed. Of course, it's the almost that matters.

    I hope this works out because I'm getting really tired of my Baldwin MCX-2000. Maybe I'll send it goodwill, lol.
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    My advice - leave it and find something that you know is working properly.

    Golden Rule - I might make this a 'sticky' thread on its own! Capitals are not 'shouting' but merely there for emphasis! :)

    NEVER EVER buy an organ that you know is faulty, UNLESS:

    1) You have the required electronics knowledge and skills to complete ALL the necessary repairs.
    2) You are 100% certain that ALL the required parts are still available
    3) You don't mind how much time, money and effort you put into it.

    In this case, you've already answered point #1, we don't know what's wrong with it so can't answer point #2. As for point #3, $219 for a non working organ that may need a lot of work and will still be worth almost nothing when fixed is a poor deal. There's a current thread on here where someone has bought an organ said to be 'working', but turns out to be very faulty. Might cost an awful lot to fix.
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