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  • Help Please --- re: Roland AT800

    New to forum.. new owner of Roland AT800.. significant learning curve for me. Enjoying/exploring the instrument.. Elementary, foolish question but can't figure it out -- When playing chords with just one finger (One-Touch, Sync Start) - how does one play minor or 7 chords.. For example, easy to play G.. How do you play Gm or G7. Thank you.

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    Download the manual

    go to page 272
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      Welcome to the Forum's gradually increasing band of Atelier owners!

      A good thorough read of the manual is always a good idea and Roland's are well-written for the most part. I never use 1 finger chords and so I have no idea how to play them! I'd look it up in the manual but it's in the organ bench and our cat has taken up her usual spot on it for the night.

      Just about anything else, though, and I and the other Atelier owners will be more than happy to help, so just ask away!

      PS, the teacher in me would encourage you to move to proper chords as soon as you can! A bit more work, for sure, but there are lots of chords that the easy-play systems just can't do.
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        Thank you for responding. I’ve read the entire manual and page 272 details fingering of proper chords. The subject of one finger chords is covered in the manual starting on page 90. But my question regarding executing minor and 7 chords while playing chords with one finger (chord intelligence) is not addressed. Hoping other experienced players can lend some insight.


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          On page 272 refer to the explanatory information at the top of the page, particularly the 'star' symbol.

          Notice that you can play major chords with one finger but minor and 7th chords need two fingers (as indicated by the stars in each chord pattern) e.g. Cminor needs you to play both C and Eb, and C7 needs C and Bb
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            I've never thought so-called "one-finger" chords are any easier for beginners. If you're playing C + Eb for a Cmin and C + Bb for C7 you're more than half way to playing the whole chords anyway, you might as well learn them!

            In any case, you bought a Roland. That schtick's strictly for Lowrey punters.

            PS: Welcome to the forum.


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              I am not a player (two-finger at best) and somehow I just cannot seem to make it with one-finger chords. It feels awkward, limited and to me a heck of a lot more difficult to play than the basic 1, 3 and 5. Strangely (perhaps to some salted players) it is my right hand that appears to be fitted with five left-hand thumbs... So, I shall keep on fumbling with mine fumbs....

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            I don’t do single finger chords either and I don’t have an Atelier! Good start, I hear you say.

            I think the instructions are much the same for all makes so this might help. My Yamaha wants the root note and any black key to the left of it for a minor and the root plus any white key to the left for a 7th. Bearing in mind what Momboc said, you could try root plus any black key to the right for a minor and root plus any black key to the left for a 7th. Just a thought. With a bit of trial and error you can probably work it out now, if you must!
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              Thank you Momboc. Simple solution that was right in front of my eyes. Agree with everyone - full chords is the way to go. Developing that skill set but it will take time. Many thanks


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                some years back I bought a small learning book
                by Karen Ramirez...It is on learning is by far the best little book to learn chords to play on organs especially the Roland's..Once a week I go over the chords with the drills she gives. I normally turn off the one note chord. or finger and play nothing but the 3 finger chords...You can find it under her name..her books are great ..she is in California..the cost is very nominal...

                marsh grillo

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                  msgrillo I love her vids on YouTube. They recorded all kinds of classes with her, and she teaches using an Atelier.