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Wersi Paint

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  • Wersi Paint

    Does anybody have any idea where I can purchase paint for a Wersi Atlantis?
    It is the Pearly White paint.
    I want to touch up a few scraps to a beautiful organ.

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    It's Spies-Hecker car paint. Wersi may be able to supply the paint code. Otherwise, your local motor factor will probably be able to colour-match it


    • RogerM
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      Do you know I always thought you were being entirely sarky in your references to Wersi car paint. Never realised it really was.

    • seamaster
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      Music Store made a big deal of this a while back:

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    Thank you for the info. I will follow this up to find the correct paint. I would have never guessed a car paint but it does feel like car paint. Thank you again for your help.


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      I also received an email from Ralph, "here we do it like in Germany...three parts...a base white...a pearl second coat..and several coats of gloss lawyer.
      We had auto paint store mix from a sample of inst. We can't get from Germany any more. If the instrument is old an auto paint store can pre mix all together ."

      I have contacted Spies-Hecker to see if they can help. Thank you for your help. I would not have looked for car paint but I can see it now.


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        It doesn't really have to be Spies Hecker paint to get a match, any car paint brand can be mixed to match. And you don't need to worry about the base coat or lacquer for touch-up purposes. Take a panel to your local motor factor, they will be able to match the colour and make a pot of paint for you. You'll probably need to buy half a litre, minimum, that's the drawback, and car paint is pricey.

        I used to work in this business, briefly!


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          I have been to a number of paint stores and auto paint stores and none have been able to help me. Some just don't want to spend the time with such a small order I guess.
          Just no luck in finding the right paint. They all want the code from the car. I had a picture of the organ and showed it to them with the piece I had. One place did open a number of car touch up kits trying to find the right one but none came close. I just find it hard to believe that nobody at Wersi could tell me the code for the paint. I guess it goes along with the organ business dying.


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            Only thing you can try now is to find an auto paint supplier with a photospectrometer — this is a device that can analyse a colour and create a formula to mix a match for you. I briefly worked for Akzo Nobel who have a system called Automatchic that does this. You won't find a retail store with one, you need to find a supplier that sells to bodyshops/crash repair places.



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              Thing is, the Wersi company that made your instrument went out of business quite some time ago, and is now owned by Music Store who purely feature on the OAS/OAX instruments, (Mainly OAX) hence you have to go to agents that distributed Wersi when your Atlantis was made and who hopefully will still have details of the models. (Try Wersi USA)
              Obviously it is different where you live, as in the UK & Europe any car paint supplier will mix up any colour paint you want, providing you give them a sample, probably best to search around and ask at a few Garage/Repair Shops to see who they use.