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Bottom row of keys dead on Yamaha electone hs-6

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  • Bottom row of keys dead on Yamaha electone hs-6

    How can I make bottom row of keys work on Yamaha electone hs-6, they are dead.

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    Hi this the first forum I have joined. Please tell me the proper way to participate in a discussion. I purchased an electronic organ that was “in good working order” but one of the keys on on the bottom row sounded louder and off key. I took it all apart and cleaned contacts with isopropyl and q tip. Now none of the bottom row keys work. Everything else seems to work on this organ. It is a Yamaha electone hs-6.
    Thank you from a retired carpenter ...


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      You asked in the right place, but I'm going to move this to Home Organs to see if more people look at it and can help.

      FWIW, if it was working OK, you just cleaned a couple of dirty contacts and it doesn't work after reassembly, then you've probably just disconnected something. Open up and retrace your steps, check all internal connectors. Unplug, clean with something like Caig De-Oxit, and reseat. Start with any plugs that lead to or from the lower manual.

      An extra loud note usually means that the contacts aren't working right. There are usually two per note and the difference in time between the first and second contact tells the organ how fast you struck the key, and thus how loud the note should be. You can (and if you're a newcomer to organs - probably should) disable what Yamaha used to call 'Touch Tone' - this velocity responsive control over dynamics.
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