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The GEM MK 100 M ----- Mono or Stereo headphones?

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  • The GEM MK 100 M ----- Mono or Stereo headphones?


    I had the opportunity to use one in the library for learn to play. But i need to use the headphones.

    If anyone could tell us anything about the types of headphones for this organ. Mono or Stereo?

    I see there is one female socket jack 6,3, but i don't know if this is mono or stereo.

    I'd also love to find some manual for this organ.

    Thanks in abundance for any and all bits of information that anyone might possess.


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    By the time this organ arrived, stereo sockets were normal, even if the organs were mono! So try ordinary stereo headphones first. If you only get sound in one ear, then buy or make up a short adaptor lead 1/4" (6.3mm) mono plug wired to a 1/4" stereo in line socket.

    You won't find any manuals for it, Gem haven't made organs for years and this one is probably well over 30 years old. But it is a very simple organ, what you press is what you get. If it has the Musicoder unit built in, that is more complex. Most owners probably didn't use it and preferred to play the organ normally.
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