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Wurlitzer Omni 3400 - I can't find anything about this online??

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  • Wurlitzer Omni 3400 - I can't find anything about this online??

    My grandmother has a Wurlitzer Omni 3400 Computer Keyboard and I have been trying to research this model online and have found literally zero results for it. I'm mainly looking for the value of this model. Most Wurlitzer Omnis I've found (mostly 6000s) are low cheap money... so I'm starting to think the same might go for the 3400. Does anyone know anything about this specific model? The only picture I have is for the badge.
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    The Wurlitzer Omni organs were rebranded organs of the German manufacturer Hohner. The Omni 3400 is probably the same / or in the range like the Hohner Symphony d93, gp93 or d94 from around 1983 (Germans don‘t need these big model type numbers ;-). Even if they still work properly (and only few do so) they are worth close to zero. At max 50 Dollars or so...
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      If you could give us a photo of the organ we could positively ID from the Hohner range. It won't affect the value, however, and with the market the way it is, even that $50 may be optimistic - for a 100% working one. Any faults, then zero value. :(
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