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Solina D - 117

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  • Solina D - 117

    I was given this organ and although I know absolutely nothing about organs it looks like a ton of fun. It works and sounds pretty cool but some of the sounds don't work and there are some sliders and buttons that don't seem to work. It's hard to tell what's working as I'm not really sure how the logic is supposed to work with these things. Aren't the volume pedals on these things supposed to stay where they are left when you remove your foot. Mine drops down to full volume. I understand the capacitors go on theses things? I have basic electronics skills but wouldn't have a clue where to start at the moment. No components look obviously broken. I used contact cleaner on some switches but it didn't help anything.

    Can anyone tell me about what year this would have been made. There isn't much on the web about Solina or Eminent. Certainly no operating manuals. Any info, tips, tricks, cool stuff to play with sheets would be much appreciated.


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    OK. D-117, a nice organ from the Eminent/Solina stable, made in Holland. Renowned for its super smooth string ensemble sounds. My old copy of the Organ Blue Book just happened to be open on the page with the D-117 on it, so I can tell you that it launched in 1978 and ran for three years.

    Yes, the volume pedal is supposed to stay where you leave it. That's obviously a mechanical issue that you'll have to check out but may be nothing more than a loose nut! Electronically, there's probably not much in there that can't be fixed. It's all analogue electronics and the only possible issue might n non-availability of some ICs.

    Start with the power supply and check the electrolytic capacitors for any signs of bulging or leaking. Have a good sniff - anything smell like it's been hot or burning? Contact cleaner? I wonder what you used. Get yourself two tins of De-Oxit. A tin of D5 for most of the contacts and a tin on Fader Lube just for the sliders. Give everything a good clean and start working the switches and keys etc that aren't working now. They may well come back to life.

    Owners manuals for organs that are 40+ years old are made of unobtanium! But get it working and ask a few questions, there's enough expertise on here to help you. As for what to play, look on ebay for the Complete Organ Player series of books. UK product but widely available in the USA. Best of all the tuition series IMHO, but there are other older ones that are more indigenous to the States!
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