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Question: Using external sustain with EL900

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    Question: Using external sustain with EL900

    Hi friends. I have the loan of a Linnstrument. I've connected it via MIDI to my EL900, but can't get it to recognize the sustain pedal that I have connected to the Linnstrument. I'm not at all knowledgeable about MIDI. Can anyone point me in the right direction to get the EL900 to recognize the sustain command? I have verified that the LS and sustain pedal are working together by running the LS off of Ableton Live. Thanks in advance!

    It may not do it at all. Organs are usually 'drivers' for other instruments, rather than 'receivers'. That said, you have two things to do.

    1) Look in the manual for the MIDI implementation chart and see if it responds to CC64 messages for sustain - there will be an 'O' in the chart if it does.
    2) Make sure that the transmitting instrument is sending CC64 on the correct channel(s). Usually channel 1 for the upper manual of the organ. You will almost certainly only be able to operate sustain on one manual at a time.

    Of course, if the MIDI Implementation Chart shows an 'X' for CC64, or doesn't mention it at all, then it won't work.
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      Thanks, Andy! This is helpful. I'll look into it.