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Looking for source of weight information for Lowrey Citation Theatre GAKH-1

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    Looking for source of weight information for Lowrey Citation Theatre GAKH-1

    Does anyone have any source of information on the empty weight of a Lowrey Citation Theatre GAKH-1? I am considering gutting my organ as I can't fix the Leslie hum and it doesn't compare to the Hammond B3 sound I'm getting used to on my virtual organ setup. I'm thinking of building the virtual organ components into the shell of the Lowrey, just wondering what the empty weight would be, and if it would be easier to transport than what it is now...

    Many thanks, Ian

    There's a lot of real wood in there, Ian! The only other heavy parts are the leslie unit and the speakers. I can't find the brochure or owner's manual on line but if you can locate them, then deduct maybe 50lbs / 25 kg from the all up weight.
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      Hi Andy - I do have the service manual - but although it has specs, it doesn't say anything about the weight. Still can't get myself to start 'gutting' the old girl, it seems so sad But with the two huge speakers and the leslie box, and about five trays of components, and also the entire manuals section, I'm hoping to cut out a lot more than 25kg - really hoping that with only the wooden shell remaining, the unit will be lighter and able to transport, which will be a goal for my virtual organ...