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Conn 503(500) Tremolo Tab Access

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  • Conn 503(500) Tremolo Tab Access

    This is not the same Conn I posted about last month. This is a Conn 503. But similarly, the Tremolo switches do not work. I did find the parts I suspect I'll need but again I can't figure out how to access the switch. There is no back on this organ NOR is there screws to slide the top. Any hint would be appreciated.
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    Hi Mike!

    Im sorry. I wouldn’t be able to help out with this one. I’ve haven’t owned a Conn yet. There is a free one that someone wants to give me. If I accept it I’ll try to take a look at that.

    Thanks and sorry wasn’t much help!


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      There are three philips head screws holding the top in place. Look under the bottom edge of the rail across the back and you will see the holes. Once the screws are removed the top can be slid back slightly and removed. The keyboards can then be hinged up by grasping the end blocks and giving a tug, They are held in place by ball and spring latches.


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        Ok! I brought it into the house since we talked. Easily unscrewed the top as you said. Cleaned the contacts on the tremolo switches. The 1st Conn I worked on had broken rubber tips. These were fine. I had to change 2) 12AU7s. One in the center line of tubes for tremolo and also, the 2nd tube up on the far left was intermittent, As it went out the lower keyboard faded out. Now its solid. The tremolo on the 530 isn't as strong as the 532 I had fixed previously but usable. Thank you!