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Need help identifying this organ. German?

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    What inconvenience? - My first Beta ran for 20 years without a single issue, I purchased my Verona used and it ran for 10 years in my ownership without issue (probably could have fixed it when it broke), and my Sonic has been running for almost 3 years, again no issue.

    Our first Yamaha broke at 11 years and the second at 18 years

    In my experience, based on the above and using Seamaster’s logic, my Yamaha’s were nothing but trouble!
    Current Organ: Wersi Sonic OAX800
    Previous Organs: Wersi Verona, Wersi Beta DX401, Yamaha FE-70, Yamaha B-75N
    Previous Other: Wersi MAX-1, Wersi OX7, Korg N5, Yamaha DX27


      Markr and I would argue an OAX will run/be fixable forever as long as there are standard PC parts available. Certainly the Pegasus Wing will with no special hardware involved. The OAX organs might use a specific USB type audio board but the driver is not really Wersi specific. As long as activation codes are available, I think Wersi owners won't have to fear much. And that is a huge plus over Böhm and Lowrey in my book.

      And to comment on Seamaster's sentiments regarding older Wersis: I could imagine some of the reliability issues might stem from the kit design and lack of clean assembly by owner.