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Tiny "'60s" single-manual electric organ ID?

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  • Tiny "'60s" single-manual electric organ ID?

    Came across this odd little one in another part of the state. Any idea what this is? Single manual, but with spinet pedals, and what look like reed organ-style stops. Seller says it's from the 1960s.

    Not interested in it, just wondering what it is. :-)

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Antique single-manual '60s electric organ.jpg
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    Fits neatly into that space. Seller shouldn't get rid of it. Looks neat. No matter what it is.


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      That's probably one of the original Thomas organs--it used a shared oscillator system--each oscillator covered 3 notes, if I remember correctly. The knobs are just rotary volume controls for the various voices. Of historical interest, but not a very good organ.


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        Didn't we have another thread questioning the existence of just such an organ?


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          We did indeed, discussing single manual spinets with pedals. And this is one of the results, the Thomas Model L "Prelude", from 1959. This is the version without the built in phonograph.
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            Reminds me a bit of my grandmother's single manual late 60s, early 70s Bohm. Very compact. She also had the option to fit a pedal but chose not to.