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Thomas trianon 6280

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  • Thomas trianon 6280

    I'm looking for a replacement amplifier for my Thomas organ. The existing amp caught fire....

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    Sadly, there's probably no chance of finding one, other than cannibalising another 6820 that's died for another reason.

    When you say 'caught fire', do you mean it literally burst into flames (very rare) or just let out what we tend to call 'magic smoke', when components overheat and burn? If the latter, it may be possible to identify the damaged components and replace them.

    I've moved the thread into a better section. Home Organs is where it belongs, even though the console is theatre-style. Should get more views and maybe more responses there.
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      The amplifier chassis on that era of Thomas organs includes the transformer that provides the basic power supply for the entire organ as well as the expression potentiometer. But the amplifier sections are just a basic power amplifiers--if that's the only function that is missing, you can substitute any 2 channel power amp of about 40 to 60 watts or more per channel.


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        A better description of what happened is needed. What exactly "caught fire" ? You can get suitable replacement parts from a Paramount on up to a Celebrity. Also, suitable replacement transistors can be found at "" and they can cross most Thomas part numbers, including the TO-3 style outputs. If the volume pot's plastic gear and toothed arm parts were ruined, I have replacement s you can have for the cost of postage PM me if interested. Best of luck!
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