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Kawai SR7 help.

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  • Kawai SR7 help.

    hello everyone,
    I just picked up a Kawai sr7 for free. This organ will be used with my community band that I play with. since I'm not an organist, but electronic geek sort of and I love the sound of the organ. I was trying to find out if there's any outlet or information to find parts and service manual for this organ. so far on searching the internet I have came up empty-handed other than the owner's manual. I really appreciate your guys's help me.
    Thank you

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    Other than regular items, like capacitors and resistors etc, there are no parts available any more, it's 30+ years old, so that's not surprising. There are no service manuals on line - it's been tried before, but they are about, just hiding! The SR7 is usually very reliable, the only common issue these days is with the rubber/carbon contact strips. They can trap dirt, resulting in dead keys. the way to cure this is to open up the organ, undo enough bolts and screws to hinge up the fascia and keyboards until you can access the offending contact(s). You then use a Q-Tip dipped in denatured alcohol to gently wipe the carbon contact clean.

    The SR7 is one of my 'babies', I first sketched it out as far back as 1983! It's a very much 'up-front' organ, I intended it to be playable on the fly without using registration presets, though that's still the way you'll eventually want to go, so your next search should be for a DC32 or DC16 Kawai RAM Card. (That won't be free, as they're used for all sorts of Kawai products including their sought after K1 and K4 synths, so the synth guys tend to snap them up.)

    I'll leave this post in this section but do post a request for the service manual in the dedicated section of the forum for such requests. If you are on Facebook, you could join the Vintage Organ Group and ask there too.
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      thank you so much for your information. and later on I will make sure I post the correct area, I do apologize.

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    I have both the SR-5,6, & 7 owner's and service manuals in pdf. PM me an email address if you still need them.
    Rubber key contacts are still available from Kawai US.
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      Good Day I am looking for the service manual for the SR7 The one in the link in the next post refer to the pedal boards as EO-035 while the SR7 I have, the board in the pedals is an EC-023. Thank you. My email is [email protected]

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    This link is to the Kawai SR5,6,7 Service Manual: