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Name that Organ Sound - 70's Thai Pop (Molam) Music Edition

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  • Name that Organ Sound - 70's Thai Pop (Molam) Music Edition

    About 30 seconds into this, there is what I find to be a really haunting and beautiful organ sound/melody line, with what must be some variety of percussion repeat on it.


    I have tried to replicate it with various combo and b3 organ plugins (Arturia mostly), but I can't get very close. The pop of the percussion sounds more B3-ish than Farfisa to me, but it's not really that either. The closest I could get is B3 with most of the drawbars down and one or two at half and then programming something like a square wave trem, but then I know B3s never had percussion repeat. And it really does seem to repeat the pop of the percussion with each repeat, rather than just add a square trem on top, which my attempt doesn't do.

    There's a brittleness to it, that doesn't sound like anything in the virtual realm, but also not like the transistor sounds I know. I am starting to realize that the emulations out there only touched the surface of the variety of sounds from these organs from the 60's and 70's. Here it is without the percussion repeat. Sounds like a bit of vibrato on there for sure.


    If anyone has any ideas out there, I'd love to hear them.



    PS There is also a accordion-like chord sound in the beginning. That's a reed instrument called a kahn moth organ - cool, but not what I am looking for here.

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    Not many Plug-ins available (If any) for entertainment organs so unlikely you will find anything close, however taken where the music was recorded (And assuming it is an organ that we are hearing), then it was probably something like a Yamaha.



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      That makes sense. Thanks for the lead.


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        Man, searching "yamaha" and "percussion repeat" just brings be back here haha,


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          Mystery solved. Thanks Bill for putting me on the right track. Posting here in case anyone wonders the same think and ends up here via Google. It's a Yamaha YC-30. I just picked one up and the sound is dead on. It has a Marimba setting that does octaves at 2 different speeds. Someone even posted a comment posted on a YouTube demo in Thai. "เอามาเล่นใส่หมอลำจั่งคือ", which google translates as "Brought to play in the Mor Lam."