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Yamaha Electone E45, Tuning and more

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  • Yamaha Electone E45, Tuning and more

    Just today, some friends and I bought and transported a Yamaha Electone E45 back to my house. Everything but the two of the vocal ensemble voices, but I'm okay with that. The piano tuner came and said that the organ was 8 cents sharp and that it needed to be flattened. He knows it needs to be done with a plastic Allen key or flathead, but he doesn't know which circuit board holds the tuning coil.

    Could anyone send a picture of said circuit and some tips on tuning?

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    Does anybody know where the main tuning oscillator is?


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      I assume that your piano tuner either has an exceptional ear or checked it with some form of electronic tuner.

      1) Are you able to hear the 8 cents 'sharpness'. 2) Do you have a perfectly in tune piano that you need to play at the same time?

      If the answer to both questions is 'no', then I personally wouldn't bother adjusting it.

      If you do, then hang on in here and see if anyone can come up with an answer. In the meantime, does this thread help?

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        The Master oscillator is on the WG board located in the card cage at the right rear of the shelf under the control panel. I don't know where on that board the tuning coil is located. It may be accessible from the back of the organ or only from the top.



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          It isn't accessible from the top.


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            Would there be a tuning hex tool/screw driver located in the organ by chance?