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Viscount VS-10... cheesiness!

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  • Viscount VS-10... cheesiness!

    in my long, ill-fated futilesearch for the perfect combo organ, i happened upon this little anomaly.</P>

    it looks so ridiculous, i had to love it...</P>

    im immediately warywhen organs have more selectionsfor the rhythm boxthan for it's voice section -it must sound horrible but i thought it was worth mentioning all the same!</P></P>

    at least its cheaper than freaking VOX or Farfisa...?</P>

    probably a lot less likely to fall apart too... they stay in great condition when you dont wanna play them in the first place!</P>

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    Re: Viscount VS-10... cheesiness!

    You're right, it will sound horrible. It's not a true combo organ like a Vox or Farfisa either, but it should still deliver a nice helping of cheese!</P>

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