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I found a Yamaha Electone...something...

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  • I found a Yamaha Electone...something...

    In one of the local (Northern Utah) ad sites I found a Yamaha Electone organ for sale. It's located about 2 miles from my house. I talked with the owner's son...apparently it was bought an elderly man (the gentleman's father) and has been stored in the garage since his death. The original owner's widow is clearing out a bunch of stuff she has just taking up space, and this Yamaha is part of that. Here's the photo that's in the ad:</p>


    Doing a little searching on the web leads me to believe that it might be an MC or ME series organ. I know nothing about them. Help. :)</p>

    I'd appreciate any info on this do I have the approximate model right and what might one expect to find as a reasonable price? I got my Hammond M-101 for $50 as long as I picked it up...which I did. I also have a Casio digital keyboard...I seem to be accumulating keyboards and organs which is sorta strange because I'm a bassist, I'm working on becoming an organist, but the electric bass (blues) is my primary instrument.</p>

    Again, any info would be appreciated.</p>


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    Re: I found a Yamaha Electone...something...

    Hard to say just what model it is, but it does come with one of Yamaha's expander modules and the disk drive.</P>

    The sound quality of these isn't great. It's typical FM synthesis. Some types of sound it does OK, others, well....</P>

    Value? Usually not much, but it does have the extras. Over here in the UK it might make the equivalent of $100.</P>

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      Re: I found a Yamaha Electone...something...

      Thank you Andy. I really appreciae your wealth of knowledge and willingness to share. Like I wrote, I made a tentative offer of $50. If the elderly woman accepts it, fine. If not, that's fine, too. I can afford $50 to get something like that to play with and learn how it differs from my Casio and Hammond.</p>


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        Re: I found a Yamaha Electone...something...

        It looks like it might be an EL-25 or something similar from that series.


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          Re: I found a Yamaha Electone...something...

          G'day RM,</P>

          The organ is one of the HS models - HS4, HS5, HS6 or HS7 - they were part of the second generation of Yamaha digitals released in 1988. I can't give you the exact model as your pic has the keyboard cover down - a quick glance under the keyboards will answer that for you. The HS models were the top spinet models at the time and were part of the range that succeeded the little ME &amp; MC series instruments. Tone generation is FM digital, keyboards are touch sensitive &amp; all models have MIDI. The "clip on" module in the pic is an MDR3 disk drive used for storing registrations and sequences. Given the organ's situation you'll probably pick it up for a song, and the owner's widow will probably have no idea of what to ask for it. Remember it's a buyers market.</P>

          Hope this helps,</P>

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            Re: I found a Yamaha Electone...something...

            I disagree with andy, these have great sound still today. It is an HS series. I have an HS-8 and would have to be one of the most programmable organs. To get good sound takes more work then some organs, as they where complex. </p>

            I have seen one or two videos of theHS-8 by top players and seems as good as the later Electone El series. The later electones drifted from being an organ as such, but became more of an orhestra, so lack many standard organ sounds, and this is why some where not keen on the later electones. Sure the later organs and EL series had better cleaner sound, but the HS-8 was ahead of its time and I still like mine.</p>

            You may find being in storage the pedal rubbers will be worn and need replacing. That was one big fault with the HS,HX,and EL series, the rubbers rot, but can be replaced easy. Still if you get it cheap enough go for it and join the HS users group.</p>

            If it is an HS-8 you also get touch senstive keys and also pedals. You cannot compare it to an organ produced in the late 90's but still for it's time a great sounding organ, and played well will still sound great.</p>