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Update on my Wurlitzer

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  • Update on my Wurlitzer

    I don't want to be boring, but finally my tech came by this AM, and opened up the back of my recent acquisiton the 4100A by Wurlitzer. The best news was that apparently no mice had made their home inside. So here goes the report. The pedals will have to be pulled out to be repaired, and the organ does need a good cleaning inside. He told me I could use the blower part on the vacuum if I didn't mind the dust it would create in the house, but not to brush, dust, or touch anything inside. He found a major short which had blown something out including the pilot light, and apparently someone had replaced a pilot light with the wrong bulb. there were some scratchy keys which was to be expected, and a few tubes will have to be replaced. By the way, he mentioned some of the tubes used in this series of organs are NOT easily found which will be be costly. I noticed most of the tubes were labeled Wurlitzer. We both agreed that this organ like so many others were not more than a pretty piece offurniture in many homes. People would buy these with the intention of learning to play which is notas easy as learning to ride a bicycle.</P>

    Apparently, there is hope this organ will play once again, but I might be looking at some high $$$$$$$ for costly repairs. He has offered to recover the speaker grilles which are somewhat tattered. So, I have plunged head strong into this project as it seems the one and only way I will have a vintage Wurlitzer once again. He did say when we have it going again, it will need to be played frequently. I have been eager for a Wurlitzer so apparently this time has come. I just hope all goes as planned so this one will play well again. It is a pretty organ, and I thought when I was a young guy these were some of the most beautiful organs I had ever seen. They do have a unique sound, and there are many tones available. </P>

    He said a week or ten days at the most while he gathers the parts he needs as well as comes back to do more. I think he is correct in knowing all that he is going to need. </P>

    Baldwin Church Organ Model 48C
    Baldwin Spinet 58R
    Lowrey Spinet SCL
    Wurlitzer 4100A
    Crown Pump Organ by Geo. P. Bent, Chicago, Illinois

    Organs I hope to obtain in the future:

    Conn Tube Minuet or Caprice even a transistor Caprice with the color coded tabs
    Gulbransen H3 or G3, or V.
    Wurlitzer 44, 4410, 4420, ES Reed Models, 4300, 4500, Transistor Models