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Roland Organs -Time to upgrade??

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  • Roland Organs -Time to upgrade??


    I presently have a Roland 90SL which I am very pleased with. As you know, Roland came out with a series of new organs to replace the 90SL, the AT-900, etc. Does any one know the difference between these 2 organs? Is it worth getting trading in the 90SL and getting a 900? Is there a $25,000 difference? Is it really an upgrade or is the same wine in a different bottle? Any help or input would be appreciated.</P>

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    Re: Roland Organs -Time to upgrade??


    1) Do a search here and also have a look at the Lowrey Yahoo group. We've discussed this organ a few times.</P>

    2) Download my review from It will cost a few bucks, but you're thinking about spending $$$, so well worth it. I've yet to review the final version of the organ - very few here in the UK so far - but will in due course.</P>

    3) It's not really the same wine in a different bottle, as there's plenty that's new. I can't answer the 'should I upgrade' question for you personally, as that's for you to decide. (I have two students who are doing so, though.) And you are going to try it out first, aren't you!</P>

    4) Where does the '£25,000 difference' come from. What's the price you've been quoted? Or is that the amount you'll have to pay when you trade in? A straight buy deal was discussed over at the Lowrey group a few days ago. The poster said that $29,000 + local taxes was the figure given by the dealer.</P>

    Andy G</P>
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      Re: Roland Organs -Time to upgrade??

      The new Roland Atelier AT 900 series are a vast improvement over the previous Roland's. I have had a 900C on order for over a month and it should arrive in a week or so. Roland is currently back ordered on the 900's by 30-45 days, a very good "problem" for a home organ company to have in this day of slow home organ sales. The new 900 has many, many new sounds and features, and real drawbars. check out theis link and listen to the Audio and Video demos. Regards, Lee Anderson &amp; Stan Koyama. (;ParentId=79 )


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        Re: Roland Organs -Time to upgrade??

        I have a Roland AT80SL American Classic which I love except for thedisk drive and trying to keep dozens of floppy disks of registrations organized.</P>

        I am considering upgrading to the AT800 which would have to be ordered or the AT900C with a pedal board which has been in thedealers for a while.</P>

        I like the idea of the flashdrive in both models.</P>

        I also like the feature of the 900C being lower and not having to look up to read the music, but not that the music is a little further away. Also I don't like the cover for the 900C. Also the speaker output is less for the 900C.</P>

        At this point I am undecided. I have been playing for five years and don't play pedals, but would like to know what the benefits of the 900C over the 800 would be.</P>

        Any input would be appreciated.</P>