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Baldwin organ model 236d goes crazy during play

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    Originally posted by baldwin 46c View Post
    Or maybe i should have a giant organ cremation instead of an organ cemetery , who wants to attend an organ funeral ?
    Will there be beer??


      A big fire would do the best thing ever with this junk. I pan to let a junk man haul off some of mine. I have a big Lowrey Spinet which is the same as the Comtempo 80 that I doubt I can give away. Of coarse it needs service, and an old tube Wurlitzer that is beginning to sound horrible with a combo of stops that are making their own vibrato.

      Baldwin Church Organ Model 48C
      Baldwin Spinet 58R
      Lowrey Spinet SCL
      Wurlitzer 4100A
      Crown Pump Organ by Geo. P. Bent, Chicago, Illinois

      Organs I hope to obtain in the future:

      Conn Tube Minuet or Caprice even a transistor Caprice with the color coded tabs
      Gulbransen H3 or G3, or V.
      Wurlitzer 44, 4410, 4420, ES Reed Models, 4300, 4500, Transistor Models