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Orla Grande Theatre/Compact Theatre hacked TOIAB presets

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  • Orla Grande Theatre/Compact Theatre hacked TOIAB presets

    I'll explain the background behind this hack first...
    In some of the last models of the organs Orla manufactured themselves, a good selection of the Theatre Organ In A Box (TOIAB) samples were included. However for some curious reason, they were made to be only available in the 'Upper Orchestra 1' section which meant the sounds could only be played in a solo fashion and were limited to the upper manual.
    This didn't seem right to me so after investigating more, the Orla seems to have a master and slave arrangement for sound generation with flash memory and a Dream-based synthesiser chip on two identical looking PCBs. So why only allow the TOIAB sounds in a single section?? Seemed very odd and restrictive to me.

    So the conclusion of this is that I managed to hex modify an Orla overall presets saved file and make the TOIAB samples available in the User preset selections across ALL conductor sections, so you can select the sounds in Lower Orchestra, Upper Orchestra 1, Upper Orchestra 2 and Special! This makes for far more possibilities and some interesting mixes.
    The organ seems to work fine at playing the full selection of theatre sounds simultaneously so it is very strange why Orla created this restriction.

    Let me know if you fancy a copy of the modified OVP file and I'll happily send it. I have Grande Theatre ROM version 1.4 but hopefully the loophole would still work on all versions.

    P.S. Orla did always have some theatre sounds in the other sections but they were around half a dozen poor quality samples from the original GT sound bank.

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    Hi Nickp82.I have a Compact Theatre but it has a floppy drive.Would your TOIAB hack be able to load or would I need a floppy/USB external drive? Thanks,Paul ..


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      Hi Paul, you can just copy the file to a normal floppy disk and load it up on the Compact Theatre. It is a standard OVP 'Overall Presets' file.

      Please send me your e-mail address over Messages on here and I'll send a Zip file with the new presets as well as a file which has the Orla factory presets in case one day you want to reset the organ to how it was originally by Orla.



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        Hi Nick!My e;mail address is oldegit@hotmail.co.uk


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          Hi Nick, can I have one too please? My email addy is hazelbrooks55@gmail.com Many thanks.


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            Hi Nick, Can you also send me a copy of both files, my e-mail is ck.ford@outlook.com
            Regards Colin