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How do I use Lowrey Genius cards?

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  • How do I use Lowrey Genius cards?

    New to this forum, but been stalking for a while. I recently inherited a Lowrey Heritage NT400 that works perfectly and sounds great. My problem is that it came with some Genius cards that I don't know how to use. The manual refers to the rhythm button under the display but gives no further instructions. If anyone here could help me I would be eternally grateful.

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    The Genius cards added some great styles to the NT series. I remember using 'The Train' for a bit of fun, and also the old MX-1 styles on that card.

    Last time I used one was in 1994, so I can't recall how to select those style. Insert the card (carefully and always exactly straight, never at a slight angle, so you don't damage the very fragile pins in the card socket!) and press that Rhythm button. See what the display screen says. It may give you some options to select styles from the card.

    We do have a couple of MX-2 owners (same organ, fancier cabinet) on here. Perhaps one may respond. If not, I'll message them on Facebook. If you 'do' Facebook, there's the Vintage Organ Group (yours qualifies!) and also a Lowrey Organ Group. And there's the Lowrey Group: https://groups.io/g/lowreyforum/topics

    Someone is bound to know the answers! You might also like to ask on those groups about my NT series registration disk. I don't have any left, but there are copies floating around!

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      Hi Clay.

      Andy just contacted me about you.
      I have an MX2 [NT series], but I don't have or used any Genius Styles cards. I do have the user manual for my organ though, and if you send me a private message, I can then give you my email addy, and maybe I can send you the manual, or scan the needed pages as they would apply to your needs...

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        Thanks so much for the responses. I found just what I was looking for at the Lowreyforum link that Andy supplied. Thanks again to you both!


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          This is what I found and it works perfectly:
          "to use each card...insert card into floppy disc area...it has a middle runner to insert correctly... look in style section on console see genius push and it lights then enter on keypad number of rhythm you desire..with each card a detailed with easy follow menu to use cards...push rhtymn on info center located below keypad......use a thythm preset ,,intro/ending and fx patterns."