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    << Also The Joy of ... ... series, ... Organ Music/ ... Organ Music Book 2/ ... More Organ Music/ ... Organ Classics. [Kenneth Baker] had a hand in at least one of those. Just found and ordered the last two to go with the first ones that I already have. Probably end up with a good few duplicates considering the size of my library but hopefully different arrangements. >>

    I said that in a different thread a few days ago. Now a warning for home organists who might be thinking of buying this series so you don't get caught out like I did. The first book is a collection of themes, folk, popular and standard songs arranged by Nelson Varon. The second is similar, arranged by Kenneth Baker. So far so good.

    But... The Joy of More Organ Music is the same as The Joy of Organ Music Book 2 with identical tunes and arrangements but with simple orchestral registration recommendations instead of the flute/string and drawbar recommendations of its counterpart.

    The Joy of Organ Classics contains "eighteen traditional organ pieces selected for today's player", edited by Stephen Duro. Challenging classical music with no chord names written for the pipe organ (instructions such as "Gt. to principal") and not therefore, in my view, intended for the home player. Very different from the other books. Might be fun to have a go, though.
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    I ordered a fair stack of organ books and arrangements last year (new, as if bought in the 70s or 80s (how can they keep them "fresh" that long?) and my chief interest has always been in arranging for home organ. Still rocking the disco songbook and haven't touched most of the others.

    Came to think, why do I still rely on printed music after 20 something years of formal music education and home playing. Time to ditch it altogether and practice to play by ear. I think formal music education failed the big lot of us since we keep buying music and trying to play it by the book instead of enjoying it by ear.


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      Playing by ear/memory - if only. I might have been able to remember a piece when learning the piano as a (?) 12-year-old but no chance now.

      I did, many moons ago, get the full orchestral scores for some light classical pieces that appealed and arranged them for my then Yamaha EL90. I'm not saying I did it well but it was very satisfying and produced acceptable renditions.
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        Uh, oh. I think I have them both. But... I have a lot of stuff packed away because I have too many... organs. I found Book 2 - girl in a checkerboard vest playing a spinet on the cover.
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          That's the girl 👧!

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        Pics for easy recognition and contents list.
        Click image for larger version

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