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Brazilian Organ (Minami) + Recording using both a line out and its own speakers

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    Yo! Thanks for the insight!

    I wanted to ask about the isopropyl alcohol idea, if it is legit...
    And about the expression pedal, do you think just leaving it as deep inside as it gets, so it gets loud, therefore controlling the volume in the drawbar is the best to do?

    On Minami/Tokai - there are some organs from the 70's/80's which are REALLY good, like Giannini and others (Giannini used to have some of the best other instruments in terms of quality, they even did a knock-off of the classic Rickenbacker bass model which was really good) - I recorded some songs using a friend's Giannini organ and they sound lovely, which complex arppegio patterns and many specific controls, even for a 80's Brazilian organ...

    These brand-new Tokais are not even close to the standard of foreign organs, and on a store they're not sold for less than 9000 Reais, which would be 1700 Pounds. It's a ****ING LOAD of money down here. Based on the used prices for Baldwins and Yamahas on U.S. ebay, that's even more absurd, but since we can't buy those, this is what we can get. I got this Minami for 900 R$, so it's a really good purchase.

    On the mono thing (why I can't hear nothing on the phone when the P2 adapter is all the way inside), do you think this might be related to my phone having an in-built mic?

    I'm really not good with electronics, so I'm wary of opening it up. Just by touching the plug with the tip of the RCA cable it emits this loud static sounds, and it doesn't work (it kills the speakers, and doesn't extract a line as well).

    I really wanted to buy a synth of a keyboard on which I could simulate the timbre and the arppegio patterns which are common in this type of organ... Generally, arppegio patterns in all the synths I've played don't allow me to keep the keyboard sounding while just including the notes in the pattern, the way most organs do. Don't know if I'm making myself clear, hahahahaha


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      Originally posted by seamaster View Post
      Interesting that all the panel labelling is in English, suggesting some export ambitions?
      It's the general rule here for organs and amps, they're generally written in english... maybe to follow the standard set by foreign equipment


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        Some impressions. Not the worst GM sounds.


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          I've heard organs that cost a lot more sound a lot worse.

          There'd be buyers for that at £1999. What's the competition now at anything near that price?