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Value of Conn Organ

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  • Value of Conn Organ

    Can someone please help me find the value of a Conn Orgon Minuett Model #544 excellent condition, serial number 535-6-9-8.</P>

    I am trying to sell it for my 86 year old piano teacher.</P>

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    Re: Value of Conn Organ


    A very often asked question - what's it worth - so I'll give you the honest answer that we always give here.</P>

    If you're lucky, maybe $100-£300, but no more, even if the organ is in perfect order. The bottom fell out of the home organ market many years ago and values went through the floor as a result. The Minuet544 ran from 1972-75, so it's now maybe 36 years old, and organs of this age are regularly being given away or, sadly, sometimes just dumped.</P>

    It's a nice enough organ, and I'm sure it has great sentimental value to the piano reacher, but that's the way the market is these days.</P>

    Andy G</P>
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