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Need help with keyboard contact strips

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  • Need help with keyboard contact strips

    Hi folks,
    I have an Ahlborn-Galanti Chronicler III digital organ at home as a practice organ.
    It was purchased new and now is aprox 17yrs old.
    I use it many hours a week for practice at home since the church I play for is a long way away and I now have to pay a $5 toll every time I go over a bridge to get to the church.

    I've had various past issues with the organ - bad speakers, one of the circuit boards going out, and other things.
    Fortunately I was able to get those repairs done while it was still under the 10yr warranty and I was still able to communicate with tech services at A.G. headquarters to get the parts.
    My organ dealer/repairman that I purchased the organ from has passed away years ago and I had found someone else to do the later repairs.
    This new person had never worked on an A.G. before so it took extra time to get necessary repairs done.

    I have one of the "worst" problems and of course am not able to get a hold of A.G. at all now and probably can't get the parts I need anyway.

    The keyboard contact strips are going bad on the Great keyboard.
    There is the usual popping and clicking and sometimes dead notes pretty much throughout the whole keyboard except for the far reaches
    on the bottom and the top notes.

    Instead of having to remove the contact strips from the Great keyboard and swapping them with the Choir keyboard strips -- I use the Choir but not near as much as the Gt. and Sw. - I was wondering if it would be possible to just move the whole keyboard around.
    That is swapping the Great keyboard with the Choir keyboard.
    Would that work??
    Are they interchangeable??
    That would greatly cut down on the time - which translates into more expense - of removing and swapping out the contact strips on each keyboard.

    Or by chance would anyone might know of where I can get any contact strips that would work with my organ?

    Or another idea as a last resort would be to get a new set of keyboards but I would know which ones, if any, would be compatible with my organ.
    ​​​​​​​If so, how much would that cost??

    I would greatly appreciate any help.

    THANK YOU in advance for any advice/help,

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    In 2018 I was able to get parts through galantiorgans.com located in California.



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      I have a couple of comments;
      First, please add your location to your profile. Knowing your region and country helps us give information such as parts suppliers and local repair technicians.
      Second, when possible, post some pictures. That helps everybody know exactly what your issue is, and helps us give accurate information. Please read the information on posting pictures. There is a size limitation.
      Ed Kennedy
      Current Organ - Conn 645 Theater


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        I put my location in my profile.........didn't even notice that it was not entered already.

        Don't have any pics to add though.
        My organ is not disassembled so can't show the keyboard contact strips.

        But from what I understand, they are rubber contact strips with a single "bubble/dome" for each note.

        I got some info in that the keyboards are made by FATAR and these keyboards were also used
        by Johannus, Viscount, Content, and possibly Allen, and others.

        These are the "older" FATAR keyboards in that they use only the single "bubble/dome" for each note as opposed to
        the "newer" FATAR keyboards which I believe use as double "bubble/dome" for each note.

        And from what I also found out is that these particular parts are no longer made.

        if anyone might have a stash by chance of these rubber keyboard contact strips - single bubble/dome - or know
        perhaps who may have,
        I would appreciate any leads as to where I can purchase at least one set of them.



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          Might be worth a conversation with Fatar to see if the newer keyboards/strips are backwards compatible, as I believe Fatar keyboards are widely used.
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            This is a common problem with FATAR manuals. I played a Johannus at a previous church that started to have that problem at only 8 years old. The parts are cheap but labor is another thing depending on how easy it is to get access to them. FATAR makes many different models. I recall it was less than $10 per strip and each strip services several keys--I want to say 8 keys, but 61 does not divide evenly by 8. The great and choir may or may not be the same, depends on how the organ was built. If you or someone you know is going to take it apart, might as well just get new parts. The labor is not so much a big deal in replacing the contact strips, but getting access to the manuals.