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Orga-sonic 56 A Baldwin electric organs

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  • Orga-sonic 56 A Baldwin electric organs

    Hello, does anyone have any sound recordings or videos of how a Baldwin Orga-sonic 56A sounds? On youtube I find a few other Baldwin orga-sonic performances but nothing that tells me exactly what the Orag-sonic 56 A sounds like if you try all the different buttons and switches. I don't care about the auto-rhythms, I just would love to hear the different sound choices or hear a professional show off the different timbres.

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    I'm no expert on Baldwin organs, but I gather that the 56R was not a lot different from the 56A, and if that is true then here's the 56R: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oOX6-Mci8v4

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      Thanks, gtc


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        I have one of these organs. It is a very nice sounding organ that will not disappoint you in any way. There is a nice variety of true sounding stops that you will like. I once was told it is one of the best home organs Baldwin made. I also have a church Baldwin a model 48C which is a great sounding organ.

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