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125 Leslie to 2 channel organ??

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  • 125 Leslie to 2 channel organ??

    Help. I have a chance at buying a purely stock, very nice condition Leslie 125 for $150. I own a 2 channel Conn 580. It would be used in my living room only. I play only pop stuff, music from the 20's-60's for my own enjoyment. Would this be an upgrade in sound, or a step backward considering that it is not a 2 channel Leslie? Need to decide within the next couple of hours because he is going to list on eBay tomorrow, if I don't want it. Royal</P>

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    Re: 125 Leslie to 2 channel organ??

    The 125 would go on the tibia channel only, of course. You'd gain a 12" Speaker in the 125 vs an 8" speaker in the internal leslie, (but there's no advantage to that as there's no real bass going through the tibia channel) plus the additional 'separation' that an external cab gives. Not a step forwards or backwards really, more like sideways.</p>

    BTW, you cannot plug it in directly, even though most 580's have 6-pin sockets. These are wired for a 251, not a 125/147 type.</p>

    If it's cheap enough for you, and you fancy wiring up a 26-1 type kit or building one yourself, then go for it, but I'd probably save my money.</p>

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