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Any tips on lower motor stack?

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  • Any tips on lower motor stack?

    The slow motor is having a hard time getting out of the way of the fast motor 'o' ring I've got 2 stock springs in it and it's still not right. The 'o' ring is new also. I noticed tone wheel hospital has longer one's, maybe that'll work?

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    Have you adjusted the slow motor angle?

    If it's correct, then you may need to adjust the vertical position of the O ring pulley on the fast motor upper shaft. A small Allen type set screw needs to be loosened to do this. You may need to give it a couple millimeters more clearance (move it down the shaft slightly.)


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      Ok I'll try that ...Several times I've made the shaft travel deeper, less deeper by removing/adding washer sims. I never though of the 'o' ring adjustment...


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        The lower stack uses the spring for downward thrust to engage slow.When powered off it should lift away easy. It works oppposite up top on the horn motors.
        Having two springs in the lower stack reminds me of a carpenter joke!"I've cut this thing twice and it's still too short"......

        And yes,you have to finesse that set screw for the proper height of the o-ring pulley!
        Hope you have allen wrenches.
        I make a note of it's location before I remove it....makes it easy to reassemble.
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