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Wanted: Detailed 1174 connector kit build information

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  • Wanted: Detailed 1174 connector kit build information

    I need an 1174 connector for a Leslie 771 to connect to a L-112, but alas I cannot afford the $500 plus price tag for one. I'm going to have to build one myself, so I am seeking a detailed description of how to go about this.
    This is the first time I've attempted to build a connector kit, the only one I've seen connects my 112 to my 125. I am however a handy tinkerer, and judging from what I've been told this is an easy connection to make. I'm just looking for a more detailed description on how to do it.

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      Yup I've got that, and all the manuals and pinout info, I'm looking for a little bit of instruction, explanation.

      - - - Updated - - -

      I need someone who's done this to explain how its done in detail. I cant afford the kit, just some one give me step by step instruction on how to connect this leslie to this organ, I know its been done. Its all good for people to say "its easy" or "you dont need the kit just do it" and flash an incredibly easy to find document, but Ive never done this before and I learn things through explanation and instruction, not picking apart schematics and making assumptions that could get someone hurt or break something. This place was once super helpful now its like nobody wants to take the time to fully explain anything.


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        I have the two half moon switches, MEE and Tremelo/chorale. I'm a little unsure where to wire those switches, what sort of switch to wire to pins 5and6 to turn the Leslie on, which pin to send the signal through(rotary? Main?). I'm sure i can figure it out but i want to understand it further in theory first. I'm also Looking for a quick fix here as we are in the middle of recording.

        Thank you for the idea, I'll look into the pedal for a long term fix later


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          Power and Speed control.

          I understand this :

          Pin6 = Remote Power On. To be connected to ground (Pin5) for permanent power.
          Pin8 = Slow when connected to ground.
          Pin7 = Fast when connected to ground.

          If you have a half moon the circuit is very simple because you don't need interlock to avoid Slow and Fast together.