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Schulmerich Carillon‎, Wurli 4460 and 420 tone cab

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  • Schulmerich Carillon‎, Wurli 4460 and 420 tone cab

    Scored a Craigs List aquisition today, a Wurli 4460, 420 tone cab, and a Schulmerich Carillon‎ unit, model CMU (or maybe CNU)-25. Total cost $2 and the gas and time to go load it up. I figured it'd be worth that to see how close Wurli got to a Hammond and Leslie with this rig (since I can't afford a leslie to go with the Hammonds in my collection. Haven't gotten the time to unload it, inspect it and plug it in yet. It hasn't been plugged in for at least 10 years, although it was stored in a bedroom and looks clean. I've found plenty of info on the organ (and yes, it's full of 12fq8 tubes), and few positive comments about the 420 tone cab, But I can't find anything on the Carillon unit, which may be the score in this deal. It's got a one octave keyboard that mounts below the keyboard, with a cable that goes to a good sized steel box, maybe 18 x 24 inches by 4 inches thick which was believed to be hung on the back of the organ.

    Anybody know anything about these vintage carillon units?


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    It is probably a Chime-A-Tron unit---small rods with pickups & a preamplifier. If you or the former owner didn't clamp down on the rods during transport, the suspension springs and threads on some of the rods are probably broken, and some of the striker dampening whiskers are possibly broken, too. If the clamp downs were tightened, then they need to be released after the unit is mounted. The keyboard should be 25 notes--if it is just one octave, then I'm not sure what it is. The clamp screws work opposite of what is intuitive. Open the metal box and you'll see how they work.

    Google "Chime-A-Tron" and you can see pictures of the various units and inner workings.


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      That must be the one that was on the Chicago CL. I saw it, and thought the Chime A Tron would be the best part of the deal too. Good score !

      We do have a member here who is really into Schmulrich chime units, but he is not real active on the forum. That would be member CarilonBells . He is in WI too, and is a pretty nice guy. Might want to PM him if you have questions.
      Regards, Larry

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