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Leslie 130 conversion

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  • Leslie 130 conversion

    Hello Forum,
    I have a Leslie 130 that I would like to convert to a 760. I have all the part to install the top horn, but I don't have a 760 kit. I do have the kit that came with the 130. My questions are, has anyone in the group ever done this conversion? Can the 760 amp be changed from 9 pin to an 11 pin if so how?

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    I'm just running from memory here, but there are only 4 wires that really matter in the 760, 6 if you're not planning on bringing it up to modern electrical standards.

    The audio takes two wires, there's one wire to activate the fast motor, one for the slow motor, and two for the power.
    Modern standards would demand you don't run mains power and audio in the same cable and instead power it from the wall. The darn nuisance of that is you have to switch the leslie on and off separately from the organ. The good side of that is you can't accidentally touch the audio pins against the power and burn your amp out. (I've done that, though you're not supposed to plug 'em in while they're going!) the only other wire used in the 760 is for powering the (noisy) switching preamp pedal which guitarists use.

    SO, the 9 pin can go up to 11 easily, just make sure the audio goes to the audio pins and the switching to the switching pins.
    I can't recall the numbers of all the pins, but it's in the 760 manual downloadable free from Captain Foldback, but the 760 doesn't need a kit as such.
    To switch on the fast or slow motor either of the wires just need to be sent to ground (they carry 12V, sent from the relay in the leslie). If neither wire are grounded then the leslie motors stay in "off" position, that delicious slow coast down to a stop...
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      760 amp 'panel' includes two amps and a x-over.Still a single channel,however it is bi-amped.
      Don't know about the 130 amps and speakers and configs.If it's a passive x-over in the 130? It would most likely be different than a 122/147.
      Might look into that.....or is that 'all the part to install' you refer to?

      I like my 770.It's a repurposed 1963 first year 122 cab that came to me with no amp.At the time a dilapidated 760 arrived so the two became a really nice box.
      Another + about the single ended 760(like a 147) is the easy hookup.And does that Nord C2D 14VRMS high output(speaker level) ever drive that 770 nice!
      Headroom for a change.
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        130 is 30 watt single SS amp with a tweeter for cymbals, not biamped with an active crossover, 11 pin, you need an entire amp section from a 860 to get the crossover and amps, and the ohms are different as well.
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