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Leslie 122 - turns on - turns off - turns on

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  • Leslie 122 - turns on - turns off - turns on

    Hi guys,

    sorry for confusing topic title :-)

    When I turn on 122, it starts spinning, after several seconds it stops, and after several seconds it starts again by itself. Do you know maybe, is something ready for changing in the amp? :-)

    Thanks! All the best!


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    If you're just talking about the motors and not the amp, some 122s do this. It's normal for a 122 to go to Fast as soon as it's turned on. Does it stop or go to slow speed?

    As long as it works properly once everything is warmed up, I doubt you have a problem.
    I'm David. 'Dave' is someone else's name.


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      Thank you David! I didn't try to put sound through it because it was strange for me, but the situation was with motors. It turns on properly, after 7-8 seconds motor stops (like there is no power) and after 5-6 seconds there is a quiet "click" and motors turn on in previous state. From than, everything runs perfectly.

      Thanks again!


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        On the 122 there are only 2 states possible : Slow or Fast. The Stop does not exist.

        If the motors stop, i think there is something wrong in the power circuit of the motors. Not in the control circuit.
        If you are in 230V, it is possible that the motors are in 110 Volts. Take care of this while checking this circuit.



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          Is this a 122, or a 122a ? If a 122a, 122a motors might behave like this, depending on the age of the 122a control board.

          The only other thing I can think of that would do this is a solid state relay installed that also includes a brake function. That's the only conceivable way I would think that a 2 speed motor stack would do this, barring some type of mechanical problem in the motors itself (such as, slow motor spindle being stuck engaged on the O-ring.)