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Blown Jensen P15LL... replacement strategies?

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  • Blown Jensen P15LL... replacement strategies?

    My Leslie's low end gave out on a gig recently. Opening the cabinet up, I found that the cone had come apart. I was using an alnico Jensen P15LL because I liked the tone more than the new C15s. I'm looking at my options - how much would replacing this speaker be? Is it worth reconing? I can always get a new C15, it's not like the crowd will hear a difference in tone...

    Also if there's anything I should check to make sure I don't blow another 15" let me know... I think this one was just old, but there could be something wrong elsewhere...

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    Get the P15LL reconed. I recone them all the time. The parts situation for them is good in the sense that aftermarket parts are readily available to reconers that fit just like the originals.

    P15LL cones are often coming apart these days. They're >50 years old, and it's paper, so they eventually crack.
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      I have a few reconed P15LL's.Both sound great.Fresh paper makes a difference and I think the formers on the recone kits are sturdier.
      This 251 has the extra 'iron' and the fresh 15" makes good use of it.
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