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SpaceSound "leslie" mechanics

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  • SpaceSound "leslie" mechanics

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    Just FYI pic and observations of Italian made "SpaceSound" leslie clone motor system, which has been used in several European brands in 70-80's.

    Motor stack consists two identical motors; for slow there is only a plain shaft or thin sleeve on the shaft, fast motor has larger wheel on it. Between motors there is a free rotating wheel with friction ring, this wheel also has pulley for horn belt. This drive wheel has a tilting axle mechanism, which allows it to contact either slow or fast motor. When slow motor is on, an electromagnet is activated and it tilts drive wheel against it. Switching fast motor on, electromagnet releases the axle and spring pulls it towards fast motor wheel.

    Motor stack on the pic is serviced, all white plastic parts are new 3D-printed ones. Main problem in this construction is the original oddly shaped (inside round and outside flat) friction ring which will harden and crackle during years and replacing it with a common o-ring may change tolerances so that it won't work. Adjusting it may be tricky as drive wheel tilt movement should be as small as possible to get magnet work properly.

    Compared to original Leslie two motor construction, this is much noisier especially in fast speed. Fast rotating friction contact makes noise and it will be increased by any free play in mechanism; bearings, tilt axle ends etc.