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Leslie 145 Motor Pulleys

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  • Leslie 145 Motor Pulleys

    Hello Friends,

    How do I tell whether my 145 has 50hz or 60hz pulleys?


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    I've no idea!
    I've got both and have 'em mixed up. I guess the 50Hz ones will be geared to go 1/6th faster and will sound a little fast in a 60Hz area, but then a horn pulley usually has three different grooves to choose from, so It must be pretty academic whether it's too fast or slow...
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      Yeah, I ask because the 145 I picked up has a UK 240 amp. It was mentioned on another thread that I may need to change the pulleys out. Not sure how to tell. I may already have the correct in there.


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        Here's a photo measurement with a caliper. If you're going to be a DIY guy, you need a caliper.

        Click image for larger version

Name:	pulley 60hz belt diameter middle (1)x.jpg
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Size:	102.7 KB
ID:	656325
        This is of the belt diameter between the stickouts in the middle of the pulley.

        I surmise, (wild guess) if your pulley is this measurement at that position on the upper rotor pulley, then you might say you have the 60hz pulley.

        When measuring pulleys, there's a whole set of measurements needed in order to order a pulley from a pulley maker.
        Click image for larger version

Name:	stickout.jpg
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Size:	35.6 KB
ID:	656326
        Even the belt type used like V belts have a bearing on the ratios as to where the belt fits between the stickouts.

        It should follow that whatever is up top (rotor) in your Leslie now, should be down rotor as well meaning, if you in fact have a 60hz pulley set, then the lower rotor should be a matching 60hz for the lower rotor, assuming both upper/lower motors are original to the Leslie and are in fact one or the other (50hz or 60hz). :-P If the cabinet came from the UK assume then it has 50hz pulleys, unless someone swapped them, or the factory sent the UK 60hz pulleys and no one knew the difference. When it comes to Leslies, the EU gets the short end because they were not given the same things as we get in conus. That and their AC grid is different.

        Click image for larger version

Name:	pulley upper.jpg
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Size:	99.9 KB
ID:	656327
        Note: ballpark attempt at trying to figure out your 50-60hz pulley issue.

        • If not, best to email Michael Smokowicz at trek ii.
        [email protected]

        He should know. And he will answer you. There might be something else about 50hz vs 60hz that we are not considering for pulleys.

        If he does tell you something we have not considered, please post it here so that we add to the info on this.

        Granted a complete set of pulleys is $41 plus shipping.

        Again you can sell your UK parts to someone who needs them.

        Par for having to retro something that was modified and not made for conus.:-B


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          MIke is good people.


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            Put the horn belt on the middle pulley. Run both motors on chorale, holding a business where it can just barely strike the horn/drum. Count the number of clicks in 15 seconds. Post your results here.