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Leslie 351 weight, size, and moving procedure

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  • Leslie 351 weight, size, and moving procedure

    Greetings all,

    I am about to pick up a Leslie 351 to pair with my hammond A-102. This seems to be a pretty uncommon model, so I can't find a lot of information regarding its weight/size.

    1. About how heavy is this? I am a pretty big guy, could I move this myself with a standard dolly? Could two people pick it up and carry it without a dolly?

    2. Are theses dimensions correct: 30" x 29" x 20.5"? Found them on, but from pictures it seems the 351 should be significantly wider than that (for reference, the 251 model is listed as 40" x 29" x 21")

    If its truly only 30 inches wide, I could bearhug it myself if its not too much more than 100lbs, but again, seems much wider in pics.

    3. I have never transported a leslie before. Is there anything I need to do in preparation (anything analogous to locking down tonewheel generator for hammonds?)


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    Wood Specs are the same as the 351 except the decorator cabinet
    40" x 29" x 21"
    2 Bass/Treble
    2 Channel Tube 40 watt rotor/15 watt Stationary
    This was intended for use with the "Self contained" models like the A-100 or the M-100.
    Non standard


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      Decorator cabs are horizontal instead of vertical orientation.Same dimensions and weight.
      Treble is lower than woofer so care should be taken to install correctly.
      I have a 222.Sounds great,similar but no stationary speakers or verb.
      These are commonly parted out.....finding one complete is a good thing.
      Homes were usually larger back when these were made,not as horizontally challenged.
      A100/251 A100/147 A102/222 B2/142 BV/147 BCV/145 M3/145 M102/145 M111/770 L101/760 T222/HL722 M111/770 no B3/C3!


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        So any idea on what one of these weighs? Can't find the weight of 251/351, just cabinet dimensions.


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          I just put my 245 on a scale, 140 lbs. Yours has a couple extra parts so it would be a little more, maybe 160?
          Tom in Tulsa

          Fooling with: 1969 E100, 1955 M3, 1963 M100, Leslie 720


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            251 manual says it weighs 147 lbs. so it will be in that ballpark. Moving a Leslie is not nearly as bad as moving an organ.
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            • David Anderson
              David Anderson commented
              Editing a comment
              One thing: if the lower panel is missing, the output tubes are much more exposed (thus easily broken) than they are in a normal Leslie cabinet. You have to use shorter 6550s due to the horn. No KT88 style glass.

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            Thanks so much for all the advice everyone!


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              The back panel on these Decorators were pegboard.

              I have a 222. Back panel is long gone. Had it since the '70's with my BC.
              I use it as my studio Leslie but it sits in an iso-cab in my attic.

              I also reversed the rotation of the bass rotor.
              For recording, the possibilities are endless because the rotors sit next to each other and one can bleed into the other to get some interesting results with 3x mic phase switching.

              But the 122 amp is also long gone so I use a Mackie M.800 power amp and studio preamps off a clone.

              Switching is connected from the attic and terminates at MIDI keyboard desk in the studio.

              3 MXL condenser mics are permanently parked up against the 222 in the iso-cab.

              Stock woofer, but a Ham-Suz ferro driver and a Goffprof xover to handle the Mackie.

              Below a stock 351.
              Click image for larger version  Name:	222 rearx.jpg Views:	0 Size:	214.4 KB ID:	660640