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A100 to leslie 21H - converting current 1174 kit to 8101

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  • A100 to leslie 21H - converting current 1174 kit to 8101

    Hey guys.
    my A100 has a 1174 kit in it currently for a 11 pin cable. I need it to be a 6h pin connection or a 8101 kit for my 21h. Can anyone tell me the differences and if its possible and easy to basically change the 1174 to a 8101 with a simple socket change and moving a couple wires? I'm having trouble finding the circuits for comparison. Any help is always appreciated.
    thanks. I just realized I named the subject the wrong thing and I cant edit it.
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    I'll change the thread title for you.

    No, it's not a simple matter of moving wires and changing sockets. The kits are very, very different!

    Captain Foldback's pages will give you all the leslie pin-out data you need. 8101 kit schematics are here:

    I can't find the 1174 schematics but they will be much more simple!

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      Hey thanks a bunch B-)