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    Footswitch suggestion

    Hello All.
    Hope all is well.
    Im gonna wire a footswitch into my halfmoon Chorale /Tremolo switch for my old 31H Tallboy. That way i Have both.
    Any suggestions on where to buy the footswitch and maybe what type?
    Don"t wanna spend too much money



    This half moon is a simple contact that brings together two brown wires on chorale.

    You can replace it with any footswitch that produces permanent contact (Push to open and then re-push to close).

    But if you want to keep the possibility of still using the half moon, it's a little bit more complicated.

    It will be necessary to install a jack socket with a cut-off that disable the half moon when the jack plug is in.



      He can still use the half-moon and footswitch in parallel as long as he remembers to leave the half-moon switch on Chorale when he's using the footswitch. Not the most elegant solution, I agree, but it presents no wiring challenges to someone who doesn't understand a switching jack.
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        Thank you Gentlemen.
        I will eventually install a more elegant switching jack in the future.
        For now I will tap into the switch with something like this maybe. (see pic)
        I see this switch at Tube Depot for $13


          That will work. I use one of those or a momentary pedal on my Model AV with a standard jack from the half moon.


            I used one of these for years and it held up really well --- if you want momentary contact like I did.

            EDIT: I don't remember for sure but I think I had to desolder and switch the wires inside the pedal so it was normally open rather than normally closed. Another brand might default to normally open and be a better choice.


              The Yamaha FC5 worked? Had to rewire it? A Boss FS6 will change polarity and latch/unlatch.Also nice and quiet compared to a stomp switch,if live studio mics are nearby.
              Pairs nicely with halfmoon,either on this Leslie 142,the Neo Vent pedal,even the speed control input on Nord keyboards.....Boss FS6 does 'piano sustain' and speed control in
              a small footprint.Caveat is using AAA batteries,they do last quite awhile though.
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                I used an old Ampeg amp reverb switch.

                Click image for larger version  Name:	? Views:	0 Size:	35.5 KB ID:	665032
                But changed the cable, and plug to a Molex since the halfmoon connects through a Molex 2 pin.

                Click image for larger version

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