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    Leslie 912 information


    I purchased a Hammond 926 organ with a Leslie 912 that was being used in a church. The church was only selling this because they wanted the newest, most expensive organ that Hammond is selling currently.

    This church did not use the classical stops on the Hammond 926 organ. So, I do not think the Leslie 912 is really the correct Leslie that the organ needs because the classical stops do not sound too good coming from the 912 Leslie. But, it is what I have -- I have to use it for now.

    I am kind of new to the Leslie world. Can any voicing be done with a Leslie? I see the three or four slider controls on the back of the Leslie -- are these the only controls to adjust/voice?

    Are there some other settings to be made inside the Leslie? It could be turned up a little more to be used in the church I am using it in.

    I would greatly appreciate your input and help.

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    The 912 is the correct Leslie for the 926. It will amplify all the channels of the organ correctly - assuming that no modifications have been done. Only the drawbar sounds should come through the rotary channel of the 912. All other sounds will come through the stationary channels. So the classical voices should sound straight. If they are coming through the rotary channel, then something has been done to the organ or leslie.

    No 'voicing' can be done with the leslie, other than using the 'Tone' sliders to brighten or deepen the sound. If the leslie is too quiet, then turn up the volume sliders. It's a loud leslie!

    There are no other settings you can adjust inside the leslie.

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