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Strange transformer in Swedish Leslie 122N

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  • Strange transformer in Swedish Leslie 122N


    I recently purchased a fixer-upper Leslie 122N and am about to update the motor switching with a low voltage relay to make it safer.

    I live in Sweden so the the amp is the 234V/250V kind. However someone installed a big transformer right beside upper rotor. The power goes from the power-grid through the transformer and then to the amp.

    When I measure the voltage, the voltage into the transformer is 235V in and 245V out. I never seen any schematics that include this transformer. Neither a picture of another Leslie that has it inside the cabinet. Does anyone know anything about it? Do I really need it?

    I attached an image of the transformer and an image showing the ratings on the amp.


    Click image for larger version

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    With us we have a proverb : When it does not work it is because there are things in excess.
    And the best tool is cutting pliers.

    You just have to remove it.



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      Thank JP! Guess I have to try. Scary though 😬. My theory is that is a a step up transformer because the power grid in Sweden used to be 220 v (now it's 230v) and the amps rating is 234-250v.


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        Why would a step up transformer be up by the horn? Be careful here, especially if you don’t know what this transformer was used for.


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          Any extra trafos put in leslies in sweden sits on the upper shelve because its the only place it will fit. As you said most likely a step up transformer. Just remove it and rewire. I have a 234/250 volt in a 147 and in that one theres no extra trafo. Could also be for the swedish S-märkning too. Like sort of a safety transformer.
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            May be a transformer hooked up as boosting transformer.
            Click image for larger version

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            #4 - Boosting Transformer


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              Thanks again! I’ll try to bypass it. Waiting for some parts to make it here from the States so i’ll get back with some results when they arrive!