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New Leslie 9 pin motor control board connector

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  • New Leslie 9 pin motor control board connector

    Good morning. I own a circa 2000 Leslie 147a. For reasons that are a bit too complicated to discuss here, I find myself in need of a spare female 9 pin motor control board connector. Specifically, it’s the connector that comes out of the amp to attach to the motor control board.

    After much searching, I’ve come to the conclusion that this part is no longer available. I think it is made by Molex, but I can’t find the part in any Molex catalogs (past or present).

    I have also heard from a couple sources that even Hammond-Suzuki can’t find the part, so I have to assume that they are using a different part now.

    Does anyone here have easy access to a relatively new Leslie 122a, 147a or 147xb (preferably manufactured within the last 5 years or so?) If so, I would love to see photos and/or measurements of the 9 pin MBC connector being used on these amplifiers.

    I’m at the point now of having to construct an adapter using the old connector and current-production Molex connectors, but I would prefer for this adapter to mate with the existing connector Hammond-Suzuki uses, if at all possible. Thank you to anyone who can help.

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    Post a photo of the connector and I’ll check my workshop supply tomorrow. I’ve harvested 4, 6, 9, 12 and 16 pin molex connectors from stuff I’ve parted out.
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