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Rodgers Trio 321 Speaker Suggestions

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  • Rodgers Trio 321 Speaker Suggestions

    Hello all,
    I'm looking for suggestions for speakers for my Trio 321, specifically the main voices. I have the Tibia going through a Leslie 760, but don't have an ideal setup for the main channel.

    Anyone have any thoughts?

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    My best recommendation for speakers for any Rodgers analog instrument is Allen HC-12 or 14/15 speakers. The have smooth, wide range frequency response and handle the bass with no problems. Usually available used at reasonable prices, too.

    In a way, Rodgers reflected the same requirement by offering Klipsch LaScala speakers for use with their analog organs--smooth, wide range response with good bass output. Though LaScala speakers are more expensive (even used), larger. But they are more efficient. But the Allen speakers are reasonably efficient, too.


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      Thanks for the suggestions. Does anyone have any they'd like to sell? The only ones I could find were on ebay, and they were too far away to be reasonable. Shipping would be more than the speakers.


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        What happened to the Rodgers W-3 cabinet that originally handled the main & pedal voices? They always worked very well.


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          Mine didn't come with a W-3. It came with an ML-702 combo unit that had a small styrofoam leslie on one side for the Tibia and a speaker system for the main. Didn't have a lot of oomph, so I'm trying to upgrade.

          What is the W-3 cab like? Anyone have any info? Perhaps one they'd be willing to sell?


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            If by "oomph" you mean volume, have you tried adjusting the volume settings in the organ. The W3 is a rather large speaker cabinet (about 24x24x30 high) with a 2-way speaker system consisting of one 15 inch woofer and a JBL bullet tweeter. It also has a passive radiator. It's not a great speaker cabinet, but is certainly loud.