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Stacking Leslie Speakers

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    Originally posted by andyg View Post
    F but I have seen and heard a stacked spread - two 147s on either side, with the top rotors on different pulleys. Impressive!
    That's what I would do just to differ things a bit change the pulley setting.

    My take is these cabinets are old by today. Perhaps when the cabs were freshly made 30+ years ago they were stronger. Glue gives out over time. Blockboard a series of softwood glued and held together by a thin veneer is affected by moisture as it retains it and is what the cabs are made of except the shelves. So the climate in which the cab lives is key. I have 13 ply Birch speaker cabs made in 1999 and the leaves are starting to separate even if the ply was varnished.

    In the interest of longevity caveats may be mentioned.

    They were not made to be stacked. Neither was the B3 made to tour.

    We've all seen samples of used and abused Hammond/Leslie gear.

    Hence I posted the photo from Tom Petro's warehouse where storage racks were erected.


    Click image for larger version

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      Originally posted by Goff View Post

      The tops of tall boy Leslies are much thinner panels of wood than the rest of the cab. I wouldn't expect a 145 to fare well on top of a 251 for an extended period of time.

      Might be better to erector-set a stacking shelf if you're really needing to stack something as a permanent solution and let angle iron be the skeletal support system.

      Click image for larger version Name:	t25226-heavy-duty-industrial-pallet-metal-storage-shelf-system-stacking-steel-warehouse-rack.jpg Views:	0 Size:	40.8 KB ID:	764651

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      Click image for larger version

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      That warehouse is my good friend's in NJ. I helped arrange both of them but we had a forklift. Most of those went over seas.


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        This is the same for monitoring performing mixing whatever......wouldn't change much using a 122/147 pair.Yes it is possible to achieve total phase cancellation with clones.
        Panning and FX are useful,EQ as well.Comp/lim if ever? Record only,DBX 'Is It On?' setting.One Vent is 122 the other set 147.Adding drive on either is awesome.
        Re-amped through monitors in echo room? No one will ever know if I don't tell them.....easily 60db of dynamic range available at expression pedal.That's my Leslie solution.
        Ain't goin back.A102 never sounded better.AO28 right into Radial Key Largo,no padding.One input is both legs G/G the other is single leg.
        Guess which one is center and EQ'd for keybass?Yup,the 122....
        Still working on the mall organ coffee table book for cork sniffers