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Leslie 125 Replacement 12" Speaker

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    My mistake. The interface box in the 125 has the pass-through connector for the 125's own amp. I forgot about that odd arrangement. It's the only amp Leslie built like that.
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      Originally posted by David Anderson View Post
      By "box," I mean a metal enclosure into which holes have been punched for Amphenol 6-pin connectors. These would be custom-made for your own use.
      Exactly what our store's engineer made for me. Built like a tank and very carefully made so there was zero possibility of AC mains getting onto the outside of the metal box.

      'Y' splitters were fine for later Leslies, you had to have one for a 720/540 combo for example, but of course they weren't handling AC mains.

      Leslie themselves did make a 5-way Leslie demo system for 125/145/147 cabinets, but that had its own mains lead for AC power. I did once have 5 leslies connected to that, plus two connected via a 'standard kit' to an L100, and then to a Yamaha B30R. Back then, I wasn't too wary of the impedance that all of them would be presenting to the organ's amps when they were running simultaneously. But the sound was fantastic!
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