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Prospective Purchase Yamaha DX27

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  • Prospective Purchase Yamaha DX27

    I've been offered an older Yamaha DX27 a young man got at the age of 13 and quickly lost interest in. He seems to have kept the unit in good condition during its years of storage. I met him while buying a double keyboard rack advertised on Craigslist and he says he is more into DJ work these days and is trying to raise money for equipment buy selling his rack and synthesizer.</P>

    Anyone think $100 US is a fair price for an item from the 1980's given the assurance it has had little use? I've downloaded the manual but haven't had a chance to complete browsing the features but it list a capability of 196 voices and that seems pretty impressive for the money. I look forward to your comments. I've not had any experience with these early machines that aren't digitally operated and I'm wondering if setting up voicing will be hard to master?</P>

    Thanks for any concerns and comments!</P>

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    Re: Prospective Purchase Yamaha DX27


    DX27 was released circa 1984, one of the DX7 family of FM digital synths. It was 2nd from the bottom in the scheme of things, (identical in spec to the mini key DX100), non velocity sensitive keyboard,midi (not GM), no external data storage,retailed when new for AUD$1295 (US$1095), andrequires a 12V/1A DC power supply to operate.</P>

    As for what's a fair price, I know nothing of the US market, but I doubt one of these would pull $100 here in OZ.</P>


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      Re: Prospective Purchase Yamaha DX27

      Thanks for your information. I was able to download a manual and one is for sale on Ebay (at a ridiculous $175) and there seems to be some doubt about the quality of the sounds. I was able to locate a couple of comparison videos on You Tube but mostly of young people making outlandish otherworldly sounds. I'm looking for something with some good instrumental sounds for solo notes and some good organ sounds. The manual agrees with alot of online analysis that there is some serious programming required to set up the best sounds, but 192 are available and can be locked into the main 24 sound control function.</P>

      We used a larger and more recent Yamaha keyboard -- in a deluxe cabinet with matching bench - in a funeral home recently and were very happy with the theater organ setting we located. If I understand the manual correctly, a similar theater organ and 3 levels of classical organ are available in the DX27. I'm thinking of starting my offer at $50 and seeing where the negotiations go from there. I appreciate your input.</P>

      A dear friend of mine has married a gentleman from your military service and is moving to OZ in September so I feel a special connection with your country now that I will know someone there. G'day Mate!</P>


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        Re: Prospective Purchase Yamaha DX27

        There are DX synths and there are DX synths. This is, as Ian has pointed out, one of the lesser ones. I've never heard a DX synth make an acceptable theatre organ sound, though I suppose it's possible with enough FM operators (which this one hasn't got, BTW)</p>

        You have to be quite committed with FM synthesis. There's a massive owners' manual on my bookshelf somewhere for FM7 - the 'virtual' version of the DX7. 75% or more of that weighty tome is devoted to explaining FM synthesis.</p>

        One of my colleagues summed it up like this a few years ago:</p>

        Subtractive synthesis is like painting in black and white. Additive synthesis is like painting in colour. FM synthesis is like painting blindfold wearing boxing gloves.[:D]</p>

        See how your $50 offer goes, may be worth a shot at that price, but not at $100.
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          Re: Prospective Purchase Yamaha DX27

          Thanks, Andy! I was very much hoping you'd share your opinion. I've located the pfr manual and it looks like it takes a good bit of work to program the DX synths. I think this is something I should pass on altogether. There are so many great spinets (and even a few consoles) selling in the area for $50 - 100 that I think I would be better off saving the funds for the next great item to come along. I truly appreciate your valuable contribution to the forum!